Enter a world where art and science reunite and critical thinking meets creative writing.

Students transform their digital stories and adventures into interactive digital art, science and maths projects that suit the needs of young innovators. New button actions enable students to design interactive quizzes or create a learning game. Using a variety of animated costumes and their own recorded videos, students star in their own documentaries or talk to an animated character who shares the screen. Preschool and up.

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NEW! Interactivity

New button actions enable students to design interactive quizzes

Create Stickers

Students can use the new Sticker Maker tool to create their own stickers out of anything they see or draw on the screen. Stickers are not automatically flattened to the background so they can be resized, rotated, flipped and assigned a path.

Interactive Tappable Objects

No longer bound to a linear model, students can create interactive characters that tell their story when tapped, sing a song, play a musical note, make an odd noise, or just fly off the screen.

Path Gestures
Rotating and resizing stickers, animations, movies and text while moving along a path is as simple as pinching and dragging, making it easy for characters to hop, jump and fly around the screen.

NEW! Voiceovers for Slide Shows

Record a full narration for your entire slide show, or give voices to the characters in your animated story.

Presentation Creator

Slide shows and stop-action flipbook movies can be assembled on the same screen as the paint canvas with the new Slide Tube, including setting transitions, slide duration, music tracks and how tot advance to the next slide.

Layer Tools

Students will learn simple layering concepts (move to front, sent to back, etc.) with the new Layer Tools in the Grab Tools area. Combined with the 3D characters and 3D backgrounds, they can now begin to explore the relationship of scale and perspective.

Collaborative Video Narration

Two students using the iPad’s built-in dual-view camera can create a video narration for their story, and add animated costume frames that let them not only tell their stories on screen, but appear as characters in them as well.

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